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Dana Popa, Elena,
August 2006





































































Kevin Newark, Bag #13 (protoplasm 4), 2006




































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Mohamed Bourouissa, L’Impasse / The dead end, 2006
Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire Paris/Bruxelles

This issue of Portfolio focuses on photographic representation of the cultural, economic and social landscapes of Europe. Mohamed Bourouissa’s series Périphérique stages moments of tension and the power relationships which exist within the ghetto-like suburbs of Paris (la banlieue). Currently receiving critical acclaim, this young artist’s work is now being exhibited alongside major established artists in galleries throughout France.

Mohamed Bourouissa, Périphérique / Ring Road, 2007
Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire Paris/Bruxelles

The result of three years’ work, Patrick Shanahan’s new series A Momentary Presence – Tales from New Europe attempts to express the establishment of a fragile new European community. Joanna Lowry discusses documentation of the landscape and the limits of photography’s ability to represent social and historical change. As a counterpoint, Tomoko Yoneda’s contemporary photographs of scenes of 20th century wars and battles deal with concepts of historical visibility.

Mohamed Bourouissa, Le hall / The hall, 2007
Courtesy Galerie Les filles du calvaire Paris/Bruxelles

From Denmark, Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt’s series How to Hunt comprises sequential digitally-manipulated photographs which depict hunting’s distorted relationship with the land. Michelle Sank’s series of portraits of young people in Mannheim, Germany, explore the rawness of adolescence in this multi-racial community. And we feature a selection from Ben Murphy’s series, Riverbed, a photographic record of the idiosyncratic and improvised living spaces of a group of British settlers in Southern Spain.

Patrick Shanahan, City Park retail park, Moste, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007

Focussing on urban living in the UK, Dinu Li’s series Press the Star, Then Say Hello, was commissioned by Autograph ABP to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Samuel Selvon’s 1956 book, ‘The Lonely Londoners’. Martina Mullaney, known for her photographs of hostels for the homeless, presents a selection from her new series Countdown, photographs of the London homes of strangers and friends.

Michelle Sank, Daniele and Benjamin, Neckarstadwest, Mannheim, 2007

This issue also presents the work of the five winners of the 2007 Jerwood Photography Awards, selected from over 500 applications from recent graduates in the UK. Martin Barnes discusses the work of this year’s recipients – Moira Lovell, Dana Popa, Sophie Gerrard, Kevin Newark and Edmund Kevill-Davies – portfolios indicative of social and personal engagement, and which he describes as dynamic, sophisticated and challenging.

Gloria Chalmers

Tomoko Yoneda, Sniper View – View from Serbian sniper position overlooking Sarajevo, 2004

Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Kromanns Remise 2, 2005



Mohamed Bourouissa   Périphérique
Magali Jauffret   Essay

Patrick Shanahan
A Momentary Presence - Tales from New Europe
Joanna Lowry  Essay

Michelle Sank   Reality Crossings
Peggy Sue Amison   Essay

Tomoko Yoneda   Scene
Christopher Pinney  Essay

Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt   How to Hunt
Jane Fletcher   Essay

Ben Murphy   Riverbed
Nigel Warburton   Essay

Martina Mullaney   Countdown
Chris Townsend   Essay

Dinu Li   Press the Star, Then Say Hello
Pavel Buchler   Essay

Ben Murphy, Untitled, Southern Spain, 2006

Martina Mullaney, Untitled from the series Countdown, 2006-07

2007 Jerwood Photography Awards

Martin Barnes   Essay

Moira Lovell   The After School Club
Dana Popa   Not Natasha
Sophie Gerrard   E-wasteland
Kevin Newark   Protoplasm
Edmund Kevill-Davies   Puppet Love

Dinu Li, Untitled (Rusholme), 2006











Moira Lovell, Larraine, 2006




















Sophie Gerrard,
E-waste ‘cooking’,
Seelampur, India, 2006


















































































Edmund Kevill-Davies,
The Byletts 1, 2007