Veronica Bailey
From Postscript, 2005












Yto Barrada, Factory 1,
Tangier, 1998








































Danny Treacy,
Those 5, 2006


























Mikael Eliasson,
Kollobarn, 2003-04

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John Goto, The Bride of Mazeppa, 2004-06

John Goto, Grand Finale, 2004-06

This issue presents photographs which represent the theatre of war. John Goto’s dramatic new work, New World Circus , is structured as a traditional circus performance with a grand parade, individual acts and a grand finale. As always, Goto’s work embraces politics, painting and digital technology, and here Mark Bolland discusses how this new work satirises representations of power and violence in the ‘War on Terror’.

Sarah Pickering, Landmine, 2005

Sarah Pickering’s new series, Explosion , made on a former nuclear base in England , continues her focus on the simulated dramas produced for the purpose of creating tension during police and army training exercises. Explosion details the range of the army’s weapons testing, with the explosive effects of napalm, land mines, and artillery.

Zadoc Nava, Shadowlands 2005

Amna Malik discusses Shadowlands by Zadoc Nava, which surveys the conflict between the imagery of the monumental murals which celebrates the memory of martyrs, and the daily life of the people, and particularly women, in Tehran . Stella Santacatterina discusses the work of Steve McQueen, including the recent film installation Pursuit and Portrait as an Escapologist , shown recently in Paris .

Steve McQueen, Portrait as an Escapologist, 2006

Anne Hardy, Untitled VI, 2005

Steffi Klenz, Nonsuch, 2005-06

We present Veronica Bailey’s suite of photographs entitled Postscript , the wartime correspondence between Lee Miller and her lover, surrealist artist Roland Penrose; Anne Hardy’s photographs of constructed interiors; and Steffi Klenz’s series, Nonsuch , made in Poundbury, a model urban development in Dorset . In the series Them, Danny Treacy has deconstructed and reassembled for the camera body-suits produced from discarded items of clothing from various individuals. We publish the most recent of these alongside the first in a new group, Those , which focuses on body parts.

Saron Hughes, A1 Still Life, 2005

In May, Portfolio Magazine begins organising the 2006 Jerwood Photography Awards, which are now in their fourth year. Supported by The Jerwood Charity and open to graduates in the UK who work with photography, these Awards aim to support talented artists in their transition to professional life. The five Awards each carry £2,000, an exhibition, and publication in Portfolio. Details are available in this issue and on the Portfolio website.

Gloria Chalmers


John Goto New World Circus
Mark Bolland Essay

Sarah Pickering Explosion
John Slyce Essay

Anne Hardy Recent Photographs
Charlotte Cotton Essay

Veronica Bailey Postscript
Nigel Warburton Essay

Philip Braham Different Histories of Light

Andy Lock Orchard Park

Steve McQueen
Stella Santacatterina Essay

Zadoc Nava Shadowlands
Amna Malik Essay

Mikael Eliasson Västkustgårdens Kollobarn

Steffi Klenz Nonsuch
Chris Townsend Essay

Saron Hughes A1 Still Life
John Slyce Essay

Danny Treacy Them, Those
Becky Beasley Essay

Yto Barrada
Amanda Hopkinson Review

Magali Nougarède Crossing the Line
Jane Fletcher Essay





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Philip Braham,
Different Histories of Light,























Andy Lock,
Orchard Park , 2003










































Magali Nougarède,
Crossing the Line,