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Daniel Gustav Cramer, Untitled from Woodland , 2002-05















Oliver Parker, Foxhounds, 2005





















Luke Stephenson,
Miss Lowe, 2005-11-14

















































Sarah Pickering,
River Way (Road Block), 2004

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Loretta Lux, The Walk, 2004

Loretta Lux, The Paper Airplane, 2004

Loretta Lux, The Rose Garden, 2001

We are delighted to have the opportunity to feature the work of Loretta Lux in this issue. Jane Fletcher looks at the Victorian antecedents to Lux’s photographs of children and discusses the effect of displacement which haunts these uncanny images.

Karen Knorr, Demarteau’s Study, 2004

Karen Knorr ’s new series, Fables, staged in the Carnavalet Museum in Paris , features classic animal characters and plays on the tension between nature and culture.

David Bate, Mistaken Memory, 2004-05

We present David Bate’s suite of photographs, Bungled Memories, inspired by the painting The Broken Mirror by Greuze, with a text by Parveen Adams.

Jeff Wall, Morning Cleaning, 1999

On the occasion of Jeff Wall’s retrospective at London ’s Tate Modern, John Slyce discusses how the artist’s work has been repositioned in line with changes in the status of the medium of photography. Garry Fabian Miller’s latest series of works, exhibited under the title of Becoming Magma, are reproduced and discussed by Martin Barnes.

Alexa Wright, Opera Interna 9, 2005

We feature Alexa Wright’s photographs of opera singers which continues her work on identity; still photographs from a new film by Sarah Dobai, entitled Short Story Piece; a discussion by Mark Durden of the work of Diane Arbus in relation to her subversion of the traditions of portraiture and documentary photography; and a preview of Nobuyoshi Araki’s retrospective, Self-Life-Death by Amanda Hopkinson.

Nobuyoshi Araki, From Shino, 2000

This issue also announces and presents the work of the five winners of the 2005 Jerwood Photography Awards, the annual award open to recent graduates from visual arts degree courses in the UK . Val Williams discusses the work of the recipients - Daniel Gustav Cramer, Nina Mangalanayagam, Oliver Parker, Sarah Pickering and Luke Stephenson - and suggests that photographers constantly reinvent the circumstances which determine photography, and pose questions for us all.

Gloria Chalmers


  Loretta Lux Photographs
Jane Fletcher Essay

Karen Knorr Fables
Lucy Soutter Essay

David Bate Bungled Memories
Parveen Adams Essay

Jeff Wall Retrospective
John Slyce Essay

Garry Fabian Miller Becoming Magma
Martin Barnes Essay

Alexa Wright Opera Interna
Simon Watney Essay

Nobuyoshi Araki Self, Life, Death
Amanda Hopkinson Preview

Sarah Dobai Short Story Piece
John Slyce Essay

Diane Arbus Revelations
Mark Durden Essay

2005 Jerwood Photography Awards
Val Williams Essay

Nina Mangalanayagam Snötäckt
Daniel Gustav Cramer
Oliver Parker
Sarah Pickering
Public Order
Luke Stephenson
Spectacle Wearing Folk















Garry Fabian Millar,
Becoming Magma 3,
June 2004





















Sarah Dobai,
Short Story Piece, 2005


















Nina Mangalanayagam, Snötäckt, 2005