Willie Doherty,
Non-Specific Threat VII,







Martina Geccelli,






















Tina Keane,
Suzy, 1979















Jeong eun Kim, (Dis)locations























Len Robertson Smith,
Restricted Access




Seung Woo Back, Real World, 2004

Seung Woo Back, Real World, 2004


This issue begins with two series of photographs which question spectatorship and the viewpoints specifically constructed for the visitor to public spaces:
Seung Woo Back
’s series about miniature architectural models in the city of Seoul comment upon the superficiality of modern society, whilst Martin Pover’s photographs expose the theatricality of contemporary zoos. In contrast, Neeta Madahar’s series Sustenance follows wildlife during an 18-month period, in which she photographed from a concealed position using a large-format camera and an intricate methodology.

Martin Pover, Oceanário de Lisboa, Lisbon, 2004

Neeta Madahar, Sustenance 46, 2002


As a contribution towards the series of exhibitions, installations, film screenings and events to celebrate the achievements of the Iranian artist, Abbas Kiarostami, we publish a selection of his still photographs accompanied by an essay by Amna Malik in which she discusses the use of the fragment within both his photography and filmmaking.

Abbas Kiarostami, Trees in Snow, 1980-2004


Melanie Manchot ’s accomplished series of spontaneous group portraits, made at various historic sites in and around Moscow, acknowledge the role of photography in Russia in the mid-19th century. We publish several of these alongside a selection of her individual portraits, Moscow Girls.
Gayle Chong Kwan
’s contemporary version of the Cockaigne fantasy is motivated by her interest in the personal and global politics of food, with her saturated colour photographs commenting upon themes of hunger and famine. We feature the video works of Tina Keane and Willie Doherty; Sophy Rickett’s exploration of the illumination of isolated objects; and David Bate’s discussion of the influential work of the late Jo Spence.

Melanie Manchot, Groups and Locations (Moscow), 2004


Portfolio announces the launch of the 2005 Jerwood Photography Awards which, for the third year, are open to recent graduates in the UK who work with photography. Details are available within the magazine and on this website.

Gloria Chalmers

Jo Longhurst, I know what you’re thinking


Seung Woo Back Real World
Francis Hodgson Essay

Martin Pover Carceri
Liz Wells Essay

Neeta Madahar Sustenance
Camilla Jackson Essay

Abbas Kiarostami Trees in Snow Landscapes
Amna Malik Essay

Melanie Manchot Moscow Portraits
Gabriel Coxhead Essay

Sophy Rickett Twelve Trees
Darian Leader Essay

Gayle Chong Kwan Cockaigne
Fiona Candlin Essay

Gayle Chong Kwan, Cockaigne, 2004


Tina Keane The Enigmatic Play of the Image
Stella Santacatterina Essay

Willie Doherty Non-Specific Threat
Mark Durden Essay

Jo Spence and Neo Realism
David Bate Essay

Hyung-Geun Park Untitled 2003-4

Jo Longhurst I know what you’re thinking

Martina Geccelli Interiors

Jeong eun Kim (Dis)locations

Lucy Levene Nightclub Documentary Series

Len Robertson Smith Restricted Access





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Lucy Levene,
Documentary Series












Hyung-Geun Park,
Untitled 2003-4















Sophy Rickett,
from Via di Bravetta Pat 1, 2003






































Jo Spence,
Love on a Plate,
(courtesy Jo Spence
Memorial Archive)

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