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Sarah Lynch,
Untitled 3, 2002


























Travis Hodges,
Dead Time, 2004















Richard Page,
Exposure 4, 2003



















Léonie Purchas,
Arab Christians,
Jerusalem, March 2004


Hannah Starkey, The Dentist, 2004


Portfolio's 40th issue features new work from Hannah Starkey, known restaging of past moments and events through a collaborative process with her sitters. Accompanying a selection from her new series, Charlotte Cotton discusses the shifts in Starkey's approach, and the clinical yet seductive atmospheres which Starkey now creates.

Hannah Starkey, March 2004


Tina Barney's first major exhibition in the UK, at the Barbican Art Gallery in early 2005, presents The Europeans, an extensive series on class and culture. We feature a selection of these photographs, accompanied by an essay by John Slyce in which he examines issues of identity and identification within Barney's work.

Tina Barney, The Tapestry, 1996


Thomas Joshua Cooper's ambitious series The World¹s Edge - The Atlantic Basin Project, is an epic endeavour begun in 1990 to map the extremities of the land and islands that surround the Atlantic Ocean. We present a selection of the photographs from the first part of the project, which maps the western, northern and southern points of the continents of Europe and Africa, accompanied by an essay by Morgan Falconer.

Thomas Joshua Cooper from The World¹s Edge - The Atlantic Basin Project, 2004


This issue also announces the five winners of the 2004 Jerwood Photography Awards, a prestigious annual award open to recent graduates from visual arts degree courses in the UK, which this year attracted applications of exceptionally high quality. Amna Malik discusses the work of the recipients - Emma Hamilton, Travis Hodges, Sarah Lynch, Richard Page and Léonie Purchas - and suggests how they contribute towards an expansion of our conventional understanding of portraiture, still life and landscape photography.

Gloria Chalmers

Tina Barney, The French Family, 2002

Hannah Starkey
New Work
Charlotte Cotton Essay

Tina Barney The Europeans
John Slyce Essay

Sian Bonnell Glowing
Camilla Jackson Essay

Noguchi Rika About the World Below Zero
Rhonda Wilson

Matthew Robinson Standalone

Thomas Joshua Cooper Point of No Return
Morgan Falconer Essay

Idris Khan every...

Christian Jankowski
Stella Santacatterina Essay

Peter Kennard Decoration
Alice Correia Essay
John Berger Essay

Melissa Moore Know the Edge

Peter Kennard, Decoration, 2004


2004 Jerwood Photography Awards
John Gill Introduction
Amna Malik Essay
Emma Hamilton Flores Carneus
Sarah Lynch Suspended Realities
Travis Hodges Dead Time
Richard Page Suburban Exposures
Léonie Purchas Escape in Israel











Sian Bonnell,
Glowing, 2004





























Noguchi Rika,
About the World
Below Zero

































Matthew Robinson,
747 & Farm,
Luxembourg, 2001




























Emma Hamilton,
Lingula Rose, 2004


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