Naglaa Walker,
Grand Ampitheatre,
Sorbonne, 2002






































Joel Sternfeld,
Glen Canyon Dam,
Page, Arizona, 1983








































Nina Beier and Marie Lund, You Like Me, 2004










Bettina von Zwehl, Rain #7, 2003


This issue presents innovative photographic art created or shown in the UK in 2004. Bettina von Zwehl is known for her work which depicts psychological states. Her new series of photographs of women in the rain are sensual images which register the transformative powers of rain and its psychological impact.

Bettina von Zwehl, Rain #2, 2003


Peter Fraser’s meticulous photographic studies transform banal everyday materials into exotic, colourful objects. Michael Bracewell discusses the experience of viewing these works.

Peter Fraser, Untitled 2002-2003


Can photographs created within the context of photojournalism make a seemless transition into the world of art? Mark Durden discusses this issue in the work of Luc Delahaye, which he argues is informed by the histories of both photography and painting.

Luc Delahaye, Kabul Road, 2001


Ian Jeffrey assesses the work of Joel Sternfeld, winner of the Citigroup Photography Prize 2004, through a discussion of his complex photographs and the critical writing surrounding Sternfeld’s American Prospects.

Helen Chadwick, Viral Landscape No. 3, 1988-1989
(c) The Helen Chadwick Trust


The Barbican Gallery’s retrospective of Helen Chadwick’s work has created an opportunity for us to present the late artist’s Viral Landscapes (1988-1989). One of the earliest andmost ambitious art projects to involve computer technology, the series is an example of the Chadwick’s profound engagement with medicine and science.

Olivier Richon, Financial Still Life (with whippet), 2003


We also have pleasure in presenting new work by David Williams, Olivier Richon, Daniele Puppi, Christopher Stewart, Rose Frain, Sarah Lynch, Naglaa Walker, Nina Beier and Marie Lund.

Gloria Chalmers


Christopher Stewart, United States of America, 2002


David Williams, one taste (n)ever changing, 2003


Bettina von Zwehl Rain
Susan Butler Essay

Peter Fraser Photographs 2002-2003
Michael Bracewell Essay

Luc Delahaye Photographs
Mark Durden Global Documentary

Joel Sternfeld American Prospects
Ian Jeffrey Essay

David Williams one taste: (n)ever changing
Tom Normand Essay

Sarah Lynch Suspended Realities
Charlotte Cotton Essay

Olivier Richon Still Life and Allegory
Lucy Soutter Essay

Naglaa Walker Auditorium Rituals
John Slyce Essay

Nina Beier and Marie Lund You like Me
Book Project

Rose Frain What I brought with me
Amna Malik Essay

Helen Chadwick Viral Landscapes
Roberta McGrath Essay

Daniele Puppi Fatiche 1997-2003
Stella Santacatterina Co-ordinates of Vision

Christopher Stewart Insecurity
Patrick Henry Essay

Tina Modotti Barbican Gallery, London
Amanda Hopkinson Preview

Bill Brandt, A Life Paul Delany
Nigel Warburton Book Review

The Myth of Surrealism
David Bate Essay





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Daniele Puppi,
Fatica No. 4, 1997
(Rome, Church Santa Rita in Campitelli)



















Sarah Lynch,
Suspended Realities,













Rose Frain,
what I brought with me,




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