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Gregory Crewdson,
Twilight, 1998-2002



















Toril Brancher,
Mean Time, 2000-01














Thomas Ruff,
Portraits, 2001

Sam Taylor-Wood, Self Portrait in Single-Breasted Suit with Hare, 2001

Sam Taylor-Wood, Pieta, 2001


To coincide with a major exhibition by Sam Taylor-Wood at the Hayward Gallery in London, Stella Santacatterina discusses the role of art at a time of spectacle and heightened aesthetisation of everyday life. She argues that artistic aura is no longer a quality embodied within the work of art, but is conferred by the context of its reception, the system of institutions - galleries, museums and collectors - which guarantee its success and survival.

Melanie Manchot's new series of photographs is based on the enigmatic painting of Gabrielle d'Estrées and the Duchess of Villars in their bath by an anonymous member of the School of Fontainebleau in 1594. Joanna Lowry discusses what is revealed about photography in the gesture of substitution for painting.

From his new series Twilight, we feature a number of Gregory Crewdson's large-scale tableaux, which focus on the iconography of science-fiction films in an exploration of the relationship between the domestic and the fantastical in the north American landscape.

Ori Gersht has pursued his interests in architecture through a series entitled Knowledge Factories, photographs of prefabricated schools built hastily in the 1950's, in the aftermath of war.

Melanie Manchot, The Fontainebleau Series, 2001



Sam Taylor-Wood
The Super Art of Sam Taylor-Wood by Stella Santacatterina

Melanie Manchot The Fontainebleau Series
A Gestural Politics of the Real by Joanna Lowry

Frances Kearney
Playful Delays, Impassioned Distractions by Peter Suchin

Thomas Ruff Portraits
An Aesthetics of Detachment by Mark Durden

Ori Gersht
The Knowledge Factory by David Brittain

Iain Stewart
Ocean Music by Ian Tromp

Hellen van Meene
The Japan Series by Simon Morrissey

Gregory Crewdson Twilight
Review by Morgan Falconer

Mari Mahr Symbols of Ourselves
Review by Francis Hodgson

Helen Sear Grounded
Natural's Not in It by John Slyce

Nicky Bird
Tracing Echoes: A Critical Romance by Russell Roberts

Nan Goldin: The Devil's Playground
Review by Amanda Hopkinson

Hellen van Meene, The Japan Series, 2001




























Helen Sear, Grounded, 2001









Frances Kearney,
Her Father's Daughter, V, 2001




















Ori Gersht,
The Knowledge Factory, 2001




















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