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Tom Vincent-Townend
Lynne Ramsay's
Ratcacher, 1999
















Alexa Wright 'I', 1999











































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Michael Danner Japan, 1999

Two of the artists represented in this issue of PORTFOLIO have produced photographic work through collaboration. In her series of large-scale, computer-generated portraits Alexa Wright has combined the characteristics of her own body with those of people with disabilities. The work aims to challenge attitudes towards physical disability and to question the boundaries of what is considered beautiful or acceptable in the human body. And in Persons Unknown, Tom Hunter represents the lives of squatters, and celebrates their artistry through a series of photographs which allude to the paintings of the 17th century Dutch painter, Jan Vermeer. Also profiled in this issue is the work of Wendy McMurdo, with a new series of digital photographs exploring the experience of childhood; Samantha Bell's subterranean fantasy world of flyovers; and Michael Danner's cityscapes of Japan, which offer the opportunity for thinking about everyday, contemporary human experience.



Samantha Bell Pier Blue, 1999



Michael Danner Delocalizer
A conversation between Michael Danner
and Janice McLaren

Alexa Wright 'I'
Disabling Beauty - Essay by Mark Cousins

Tom Vincent-Townend
Lynne Ramsay's Ratcatcher

Tom Hunter Persons Unknown
Aesthetic Realism - Essay by Mark Durden

Wendy McMurdo
Give me a child when he is seven...
Essay by Claire Doherty

Samantha Bell
City Zones

David Wishart

Rut Blees Luxemburg

Orla Deevy

Harald Melrose Turek

Christopher Stewart

Kirsty Anderson
All the Outdoor Pools in Scotland


Tom Hunter, The Art of Squatting


Francesca Woodman The Photographers' Gallery, London
by David Bate

Notorious: Alfred Hitchcock and Contemporary Art,
Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
by Joanna Lowry

Near and Elsewhere The Photographers' Gallery, London
by Liz Wells

Revisions National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
by John Stathatos

Sleuth Chapter Arts Centre and Ffotogallery, Cardiff
by John E. McGrath

Samantha Bell Compass Gallery, Glasgow
by Susanna Beaumont

New Natural History National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford
by Simon Grennan

Wolfgang Tillmans Maureen Paley/Interim Art, London
by Roy Exley

Verdi Yahooda Wrexham Art Gallery
by Amanda Hopkinson












Michael Danner Japan, 1999












Kirsty Anderson
All the Outdoor Pools
in Scotland, 1999
















Wendy McMurdo
The Sabin Brothers, 1999

































Tom Hunter
Traveller Series II, 1998