Andreas Gursky
San Francisco
























Deborah Baker
Gaze: The Anxious Sign











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James Casebere, Converging Hallways (from left)


This issue of PORTFOLIO features some of the most innovative photographic art being created and exhibited in the UK in 1999. The archiecture of institutions is the source of work by James Casebere, Andreas Gursky, and Mark Power (who has been documenting the building of the Millennium Dome in London since early 1998). We are delighted to present John Stezaker's uncanny digital photographs of children, Hannah Starkey and Lesley Shearer's staged photographs of young women, commissioned panoramic photographs of Wales by Josef Koudelka, Melanie Manchot's large-scale photographic portraits on canvas, Deborah Baker's series of video capture images, John Askew's photographs of Russia, and the work of Jon Thompson.



Hannah Starkey, Untitled, May 1997



James Casebere
Surveillance and Solitude - Essay by David Bate

Andreas Gursky
A World Made to Order - Essay by David Chandler

Melanie Manchot
Melanie and Her Mother
Essay by Amanda Hopkinson

John Stezaker
Fearful Symmetry - Essay by David Alan Mellor

Hannah Starkey
Anatomy of Boredom - Essay by Piers Masterson

Jon Thompson
Theatre of Paralysis - Essay by Stella Santacatterina

Mark Power
The Millennium Dome - Essay by David Chandler

Josef Koudelka

Deborah Baker
Gaze: The Anxious Sign

Lesley Shearer
Women and Men

John Askew
Teach Yourself Russian



Native Nations Barbican Centre, London
by John Stathatos

Secret Victorians
Hayward Gallery Touring
by Joanna Lowry

Martin Parr Photographs Dewi Lewis Publishing
by Mark Durden

Annelies Strba The Photographers' Gallery
by Simon Morrissey

Josef Koudelka Cardiff Museums and Galleries
by Paul Ryan


Issue sold out







Lesley Shearer
Women and Men















Mark Power
The Millenium Dome
19 May 1998









John Stezaker Angel