Marie-Jo Lafontaine
Untitled 1998





Hiroshi Sugimoto
Hall of Thirty Three Bays 1995
















Paul Graham
Untitled, 1996-97




















Jago Brown
Engine House,
Graving Docks, Glasgow

Paul Graham, Untitled, 1996-97


In this period of pre-millennial tension, Paul Graham (England), Reneke Dijkstra (Netherlands) and Marie-Jo Lafontaine (Belgium), have been inspired to create large-scale photographic portraits of young Europeans, portraying them as self-confident yet vulnerable. To coincide with the first phase of exhibitions in Photo 98 - the UK Year of Photography and the Electronic Image - we present the work of Joan Fontcuberta (Spain), Jorma Puranen (Finland), and Marie-Jo Lafontaine, three of the ten artists who were commissioned to produce work that reflects on the nature of Europe and its changing political, economic and cultural identities. Also featured in this redesigned issue are Gabriele Basilico (Italy) and Abigail Lane (England), and Hiroshi Sugimoto (Japan) who, along with Paul Graham, was shortlisted for the 1998 Citibank Photography Prize.



Suky Best Inadmissible Evidence, 1997



Paul Graham The End of an Age
Young Monuments: Melancholy, Silence and Returning Heat - Essay by David Alan Mellor

Rineke Dijkstra
Painful Exposure - Essay by Mark Durden

Marie-Jo Lafontaine

Abigail Lane
The Flexible Frame of Art
Essay by Stella Santacatterina

Karen Ingham

Suky Best
Inadmissible Evidence

Jago Brown

Joan Fontcuberta Terrain Vague
The Stones of Sheffield - Essay by Andrew Patrizio

Gabriele Basilico
The Metaphysics of Place - Essay by Joanna Lowry

Hiroshi Sugimoto
All the Time in the World - Essay by David Chandler

Jorman Puranen
Curiosus Naturae Spectator - Essay by Ruth Charity

In Memoriam
Donald Gladstone Rodney
by Maud Sulter


History: The Mag Collection Ferens Art Gallery,
Kingston upon Hull
by Allan Harkness

Marie-Jo Lafontaine: Pandemonium Site Gallery, Sheffield
by Rosemary Betterton

Susan Meiselas: Kurdistan - In the Shadow of History
Impressions Gallery, York
by Amanda Hopkinson

Shine National Museum of Photography, Film and
Television in exile, Bradford
by Vic Allen

Karen Ingham Ffotogallery, Cardiff
by Val Williams


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Rineke Dijkstra
The Buzzclub, Liverpool, 4
March 1995





Jorma Puranen
Museum Clausum, 1995











Joan Fontcuberta
Leeds, 1997













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