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Karen Knorr
The Pregnant Moment, 1994


























Lynn Silverman
Interior Light, 1997
















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Mat Collishaw, Ideal Boys, 1997


In this issue we feature Mat Collishaw's series, Ideal Boys, photographed in Naples, accompanied by an essay by Stella Santacatterina. Manscapes - Truckstops and Lovers Lanes by Evergon formed part of a retrospective of the Canadian artist's work during his fellowship at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. Emmanuel Cooper discusses the exhibition and its underlying gay agenda.

Catherine Yass's new series of large back-lit transparencies, Grave, was commissioned by Portfolio Gallery in Edinburgh and made in the adjacent Greyfriars' Churchyard, one of the City's most historic graveyards. Parveen Adams and David Ward deconstruct the work and discuss Yass's original photographic techniques. Concurrent with Hannah Collins' retrospective at the Centre de la Photographie in Paris, we reproduce stills from her operatic film, La Cantant, and an extract from a conversation between the artist and Pavel Büchler. A selection of Karen Knorr's allegorical series, Academies, is reproduced here alongside an essay by art historian and critic, Antonio Guzman.

The exhibition The Edge of Europe by Anthony Haughey focuses on the complex relationship between the West of Ireland, its landscape and people, and Ireland's diaspora on the East Coast of the United States of America. We feature a number of these works and an essay by Mark Durden. In his exhibition 'in other words', Roger Palmer extends his interest in figural language and post-colonial politics. We reproduce images, made in South Africa, Scotland and Canada, accompanied by an essay by Ian Hunt. And in memory of the artist Andrea Fisher who died in January 1999, we include a tribute to her life and work by the writer and curator, Stella Santacatterina.


Catherine Yass, Grave, 1997



Mat Collishaw Ideal Boys
The Pleasure of Loss
by Stella Santacatterina

Catherine Yass Grave and Other Works
The Light and the Blue - Parveen Adams and
David Ward
in conversation

Karen Knorr Academies
Photography as Pageant - Essay by Antonio Guzman

Hannah Collins La Cantant
Filming Things - Interview by Pavel Büchler

John Darwell Workplace

Anthony Haughey The Edge of Europe
Disappearing Ireland - Essay by Mark Durden

Lynn Silverman Interior Light

Peter Lavery Circus Work

Evergon Manscapes - Truckstops and Lovers Lanes
Living Politics - Essay by Emmanuel Cooper

Anne Bjerge Hansen Bathing Caps

Roger Palmer in other words
Figures of Authority - Essay by Ian Hunt

Andrea Fisher In Memoriam
by Stella Santacatterina



Virtue and Vice: Derivations of Allegory
in Contemporary Photography, Site Gallery, Sheffield
by John Stathatos

In Visible Light Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
by David Green

William Klein: New York Hamilton's Gallery, London
by Amanda Hopkinson

Vit Hopley and Yve Lomax: Trope - Image and Voice
Cambridge Darkroom
by Libby Anson













Hannah Collins
La Cantant, 1993























Anthony Haughey
The Edge of Europe, 1996















Peter Lavery
From the series Circus Work