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Susan Hiller detail from nine Songs from Europe



















Liz Rideal
Portrait Fake Fur, 1996
















Clement Cooper
Jade Royal, St Pauls, Bristol

Helen Chadwick, detail from Nebula, 1996


The news of Helen Chadwick's sudden death on 15 March was received with extreme shock and sadness by the international visual arts community. To those of us who have known the sheer joy of working with Helen and her courage and passion for art, it also meant the end of one of the most innovative and challenging visual art practices of our time. This issue features Cameos, her last series of works, and Unnatural Selection, with an essay by David Alan Mellor.

Mark Durden discusses the iconography of Jeff Wall's tableaux and the clash between their spectacularity and the disorder which they often depict. We feature installations of three of Susan Hiller's works her works alongside an essay by Jean Fisher which discusses how the photographer incorporated photography into her practice, and how the viewing experience itself is continually challenged by the artist. We publish a selection of French artist's Orlan's images from her surgical operation/performance entitled This is my body... This is my software... and an essay by Griselda Pollock, in which she discusses Orlan's project to politically question the imposition of cosmetic surgery on the female body.

Keith Piper has created an artist's project for PORTFOLIO - a four-part computer-generated work which deals with the West's 'racialising' perceptions of difference - and this is discussed in an essay by Kobena Mercer. Clement Cooper's series of portraits, entitled DEEP - People of Mixed Race, explores ideas within portraiture, oral history, post-industrial communities and contemporary race relations, and is reviewed here by David A Bailey. Liz Rideal, who creates photoworks from carefully constructed photobooth images, and her work is discussed here by Emmanuel Cooper. Jim Harold's series of death masks form part of his installation entitled Appearances. These dark and beautiful images are reviewed by David Ward. The portfolio section features Clare Strand and Katrina Lithgow, two young artists who have made photographic works in mortuaries.


Jeff Wall, A Fight on the Sidewalk, 1994



Helen Chadwick Unnatural Selection
A Posy and an Apotheosis
Essay by David Alan Mellor

Jeff Wall Photographs
Spectacle and Illumination - Essay by Mark Durden

Susan Hiller Works
Light and Its Double - Essay by Jean Fisher

Keith Piper The Twelve Disciples
Maroonage of the Wandering Eye
Essay by Kobena Mercer

Orlan This is my body... This is my software...
A Carnal Art? - Essay by Griselda Pollock

Liz Rideal The Rainbow Portraits
No Shadow Without Sun - Essay by Emmanuel Cooper

Clare Strand The Mortuary

Katrina Lithgow In Memoriam

Jim Harold Appearances

Clement Cooper DEEP - People of Mixed Race



Michael Schmidt: Fotographie, The Photographers' Gallery, London
by David Chandler

Imagined Communities Hayward Gallery Touring
by Amanda Hopkinson

John Davies Zelda Cheatle Gallery, London
by Jane Richards

Maud Sulter: Alba/Plantation Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
by Lorna J Waite

Jim Harold: Appearances Tramway, Glasgow
by David Ward

Desert John Hansard Gallery, Southampton
by Liz Wells

Clement Cooper: DEEP - People of Mixed Race Ffotogallery, Cardiff
by David A Bailey











Helen Chadwick
Monstrance, 1996












Orlan, From 7th surgical operation/performance, 1993



















Keith Piper The Twelve Disciples, 1996

















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