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Thomas Joshua Cooper
Cabo Caruoeiro

Yve Lomax five o'clock in the afternoon


This issue marks retrospective exhibitions by two major artists. The work of Mari Mahr has been brought together by the National Museum of Photography in Bradford and we present a number of her previously unpublished works. In her evocative essay, Val Williams writes of Mahr's work as being informed by cultural shifts, the delicacy of personal relations and the need to remember and assimilate the past. Thomas Joshua Cooper's exhibition, Simply Counting Waves, shown at the Gulbenkian Centre for Modern Art in Lisbon, includes his newly commissioned series reproduced here, The World's Edge - Remembering Magellan - Five Capes - Portugal 1994.

A series of images from Sometime(s), a new work by Yve Lomax, pursues her technique of montage and colour configurations, and are accompanied by a text in which she argues that still photographic images hold the potential to move between a plurality of times and contexts. Lynn Silverman's series of large-scale photographs of clouds, entitled 1 : 1, challenge the viewer through an absence of geometrical space and create a sense of disorientation. In an illuminating essay, reproduced from Lynn Silverman's exhibition catalogue, Jean Fisher draws on the history of painting to place the work within a feminist critique of Romanticism.


David Williams, To attract her attention...


It is significant to note David Williams' move into colour photography with a group of photo-sequences where the method - blurred and bleached images - allows him to explore the territory of feeling and imagination. In contrast, David Hiscock, whom we are accustomed to associating with a variety of colour photographic and printing techniques, has turned to black-and-white photography to create a series of monumental works based on the Rosetta Stone, the key object for the deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics. This issue also introduces two young artists who are recent graduates from Glasgow School of Art -
Rodderick Buchanan
and Lesley Punton.



Yve Lomax the observer affects the observed




Yve Lomax Sometime(s)
images and text by Yve Lomax

Roderick Buchanan

David Williams
Findings... Bitter-Sweet
To Travel... To Arrive - Essay by James Lawson

Thomas Joshua Cooper
The World's Edge
Five Capes - Portugal 1994

David Hiscock
Transmutation: Rosetta Stone
That Unfathomable Thing - Essay by David Alan Mellor

Lynn Silverman 1:1
Reveries on 1:1 - Essay by Jean Fisher

Mari Mahr
Photographs - A Collection
The Archaeology of Meaning - Essay by Val Williams

Lesley Punton Pale Water



V-TOPIA: Visions of a Virtual World
Tramway, Glasgow
by Pavel Büchler

Liquid Crystal Futures: Contemporary Japanese
Photography, Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
by Rebecca Coggins

Stephen Willats: Random Life
Victoria Miro Gallery, London
by Clifford Myerson

Riviera: Seven Artists from Glasgow
Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno
by Maria Lind

The Epic and the Everyday
Hayward Gallery, London
by John Stathatos

Viewfindings: Women Photographers - 'Landscape' and Environment, Newlyn Orion Gallery, Penzance
by Caryn Faure Walker

David Levinthal: Dark Light 1984-94
The Photographers' Gallery, London
by Jane Richards

What She Wants: Women Artists Look at Men
Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
by Lorna J Waite
















Roderick Buchanan




















Lynn Silverman, 1:1




















Mari Mahr
The Dreamer's Birthday
















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